Sandra and Andrea want to warmly welcome you to “Le Stanze della Musica” (The Rooms of Music), neither a mere Bed & Breakfast nor a hotel, but rather a place open to all keen travellers, particularly inclined to “playing music on holiday”.

Since music is also made of silence, absolutely respectful of the relax and peace of our guests, we offer them a special sound-proof room placed outside the main building, where not only a musician or a student, but also a simple amateur or a curious listener, are in a position to play, listen to, read, record their music, and listen again to themselves.

All this remaining deep in the green and wonderful territory of the hills of Alba and the district of Langhe (which were recently declared a world heritage by UNESCO - www.paesaggivitivinicoli.it), where history, arts, nature, winemaking, and cooking art live together in perfect harmony.

Six rooms, each dedicated to a specific age of music, are waiting for you, along with Sandra’s caring and careful cooking.

Let your journey and your enjoyment begin!



Before examining the concept, we began asking ourselves a question: why a person fond of tennis can choose for his/her holidays a hotel equipped with a tennis court, while a person fond of music cannot have a place at his/her disposal in which it is possible to play music on holiday? It often happened also to us to miss such a place.


That’s the reason why LE STANZE DELLA MUSICA is the first and only one reception structure capable of meeting this request, since it aims to become an acknowledged point of reference for all those who – whether musicians or persons fond of the Great Music – want to peacefully play an instrument in contact with other real enthusiasts.